We provide Custom Hydro-Dipping Services at H2O Printers - we can Decorate almost anything!

Our custom Water Transfer Printing and Hydro Dipping Shop can service your individual and single item needs, as well as large custom projects and larger manufacturing projects.

Our highly skilled team of Water Transfer Specialists will help you bring your concept to a reality. Our process is virtually unlimited - our Hydro Dipping can be applied to almost any product or item.

Turn-around time on individual custom items is usually about 24-72 hours after receiving your item. This allows our skilled experts to properly treat, prep, dip, and prepare your final product for a high quality, long lasting finish. If you are shipping your parts to our location, please pack them as tightly as possible securely wrapped and padded, to ensure no damage when shipping.

All Custom Jobs are performed on a quote-basis. Contact us today for more information, our Hydro Dipping team will be very glad to assist you with any questions you may have.

Custom Decorations for almost any hard-surface material: Metal, Fiberglass, Plastics, Ceramics, Glass, Woods, and much more!

Transform the appearance and enhance the value with Water Transfer Printing at H2O Printers!

  • Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, etc...
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycles & ATVs, UTV's
  • Home Decor
  • Work Office
  • Garage and Shop
  • Military Equipment
  • Computers, Laptops, Mobile Device Covers and Cases
  • Aircrafts
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Furniture
  • Metals, wood, glass, ceramics, fiberglass, and all types of plastics
  • Other...