Our custom Water Transfer Printing and Hydro Dipping Shop can service your individual and single item needs, as well as large custom projects and larger manufacturing projects..

Our highly skilled team of Water Transfer Specialists will help you bring your concept to a reality. Our process is virtually unlimited - our Hydro Dipping can be applied to almost any product or item.

Turn-around time on individual custom items is usually about 1 to 2 weeks after receiving your item. This allows our skilled experts to properly treat, prep, dip, and prepare your final product for a high quality, long lasting finish. If you are shipping your parts to our location, please pack them as tightly as possible securely wrapped and padded, to ensure no damage when shipping.

All jobs are custom work and are performed on a estimate/quote basis. The final price is determined when we receive the item and inspect it for any dents, rust, damages. After inspection, we can give you an exact quote.

Custom Decorations for almost any hard-surface material: Metal, Fiberglass, Plastics, Ceramics, Glass, Woods, and much more!

If you have an item that is not listed, but you would like to see if we could customize it, please call for an estimate.

*All prices are determined by the condition of the items when we receive them

Adjust Dissemble/reassemble fee is $35.00

Transform the appearance and enhance the value with Water Transfer Printing at H2O Printers!

Minimum order pricing of $200+ shipping is required...

Camo Hydro Graphics / Water Transfer Handgun Prices

Handgun Pricing - prices can be subject to additional prep time
Complete Guns
Complete Pistol/Revolver $233.20
Individual Parts
Frame: $102.30
Slide: $102.30
Cylinder: $47.30
Grips: $34.10
Polymer Holster: $66
Disassembly/Reassembly Fee: $80.30


Shotgun Pricing

Prices can be subject to additional prep time
Complete Shotguns
Complete Shotgun (Stock and Forearm): $292.60
Complete Over & Under or Double Barrel Shotgun: $319
Individual Parts
Pistol Grip Stocks: $102.30
Collapsible Stock: $102.30
Extended Choke Tubes: $27.50/ea
Barrel: $88
Over & Under or Double Barrel: $110
Receiver: $88
Trigger Guard: $34.10
Magazine Tube Extension w/ Hardware: $60.50
Bolt: $34.10
Magazine Tube on Pump Shotguns: $47.30
Benelli Comfor-Tech Stock Chevron Removal/Re-Insertion fee: $47.30


Rifle Pricing

Complete Rifles
Complete Rifle (Stock, Barrel, & Receiver): $396
Two Piece Stock: $231
Complete AR-15 Style Standard Rifle: $396
Individual Parts
Bolt Handle: $39.60
Trigger Guard: $37.40
Barrel: $110
Receiver: $86.90
Standard AR Hand Guard: $66
Rail System AR Hand Guard: $101.20 - $126.50
Standard AR Stock: $80.30
Collapsible AR Stock: $102.30
AR Charging Handle: $33
Two Piece Receiver: $159.50
Barrel: $88
Magazine: $20.90
Large Scope: $101.20
Small Scope: $66
Saddle Mounts: $53.90
Disassembly/Reassembly Fee: $34.10


Archery Pricing

Complete Bows - Bow must be completely disassembled before shipping
Complete Bow (Limbos, Riser, & Limb Pockets): $213.40
Individual Parts
Riser: $121
Limbs: $101.20
Limb Pockets: $36.30
Cams or Wheels: $60.50
Quiver: $47.30
String Compressor: $34.10
Stabilizer: $39.60
Sights: $53.90

ATV/Golf Cart Pricing

General base pricing for ATVs and Golf Carts
50cc - 300cc $544.50
320cc - 400cc $665.50
420cc - 500cc $786.50
520cc - 800cc $968
Can Am Renegade $979
Can AM Commander $1210
Golf cart body $726
Golf cart roof top side $271.7
Fenders front and Rear $392.70 and up
ATV or golf cart wheels $121 up for (4)


Hydo Carbon Pricing for Automobiles 

Hydro Carbon Fiber Spoiler

$330 - 45LBS - SKU: FM-SP-CARBON
Hydro Carbon Chevrolet Driving Trim Rings $330 - 1LB - SKU: Driving-CARBON
Hydro Carbon Dash Trim Panels $253 - 20LBS - SKU: FM-DASHTRIM
5th Gen. Carbon Fiber Interior Trim Kit Complete $1391.50 - 15LBS. - SKU: FM-INTERIORCOMPLETE-KIT
2010+ Camaro Bowtie Emblems - Carbon Fiber $79.20- 1LB - SKU: CB-CARBON
Hydro Carbon Fiber Double Din Radio Bezel $464.20 2010+ Camaro includes din - 3LBS - SKU: METRA-CAMCARBON
Hydro Carbon Fiber Gauge Cluster Panel $165 - 3LBS - SKU: FM-GAUGE-CARBON
Hydro Carbon Fiber Taillight Bezels $271.70 - 3LBS - SKU: FM-TL-Carbon
Hydro Carbon Fiber Grill - Brand New GM Part $453.20 - 10LBS - SKU: FM-GRILLE-CARBON

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